Veggie Gardener NZ

The Gardening Calendar Made For New Zealand


Totally free and no advertising because that's the way we like it.


Useful tips & tricks. Local planting calendar. Add your own diary notes.


No fuss. No clutter. The good life.

A New Zealand planting calendar for your choosen veggies

  • Planting guide based on the seasons & climate

    Easily add or remove veggies from your current plant list. See when is a good time to sow seedlings, or plant out in the garden for your climate.

  • Simple tips & tricks

    A planting guide that provides a couple of good pointers. We believe veggie gardening should be fun and pleasurable, not a science class.

  • Keep your own diary notes

    Add you own notes against each veggie. Record the date you planted, when you harvested and how well things went. Look back on last years notes, cause that's what a diary is for.

Designed for modern life

  • It's a 'Web App'

    Designed to work on your favourite Web browser for any device, anytime, anywhere. No downloading. No installing.

  • Private & secure

    Sign In to your own account and keep your gardening diary safe and secure. No more lost note pads!

  • Constantly improving

    Gardening is fun and rewarding and there is always things to learn and improve on. We think the same applies when it comes to bringing you new features and improvements to the Web App.